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Theyre marvelous. and fantasize about making a pilgrimage to Cauldron Gelato.

08/19/2015 at 12:48 PM ET


Courtesy Cauldron Ice Cream

If youre a waffle maker rotating follower of gelato and bubble wrap (so, a human), youll be obsessed with the latest, best ice cream phenomenon: the Puffle Cone. RELATED: Ed Sheeran Inspires a Gelato Business to Call a Ginger-Ed Taste After Him

Made from a wonderful, egg-based battery, the puffle, well, expands when cooked, developing charming little pockets that makes the cones super Instagram-worthy. (Some of their tastes consist of one waffle Vietnamese Coffee, Milk as well as Cereal, Earl Grey Lavender as well as Strawberry Shortcake, as well as we have to consume all them quickly.).

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Until the sensation spreads out nationwide nay, worldwide well just have to read affordable flights to L.A. They enjoy the electronic camera.

Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda.

And, yes, its as cute as it sounds. The geniuses at Cauldron Gelato in Santa Ana, The golden state, put their own spin on a popular Hong Kong road snack called an egg waffle, changing it into cone type and also packing it with their scrumptious ice lotion. The belgian waffle maker flip cones were just placed on the menu three weeks earlier, and already theyve become a social media sites experience.

I villaware mickey waffle maker imply, check out them.

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